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About Us

The Institute is a team of like-minded automotive business consultants and industry professionals. We're focused on the betterment of ourselves, our customers, and our industry. We understand the importance of high-quality education, especially when it involves creativity and ingenuity.

There’s a singular mission at the Institute: to improve the automotive industry. By helping individual automotive service and repair shop owners better their business, we help them better their lives. And, as a result, the automotive industry itself. 

Why You Should Join Us

Joining the Gearheads Network gives you access to the community and connection that's at the core of The Institute's beliefs. Whether you're part of our Advisor Mastery program, GEAR platform, or SMART groups, you'll get the same thing: extra resources from our professionals, answers to your business questions, a place to discuss what being a shop owner, manager, or advisor means, and more! Become a member of the Gearheads Network and you'll understand why community is so important to creating a better business, better life, and better industry. 

A Big Thanks

Thank you to everyone who is a part of The Institute and continues to help us work towards our goal of an even better industry. We appreciate the shop owners, partners, service advisors, techs, managers, and everyone else who has taken part in our vision.